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January 8th, 2007
J8 Jewelry
Contact: Joey Crabtree, Owner

Huntington Beach Local Girl Launches Elegant Rocker Couture Jewelry Collection

Huntington Beach, CA, January 8th, 2007 — J8 Jewelry, formerly Joey Jewelry, has come out of a 12 year retirement to launch a new collection. J8 Jewelry is taking the art of jewelry to a new level. Her robotic and vintage inspired collections have a timeless elegance, yet they’re edgy enough for the toughest rocker. J8 Jewelry can be described as an elegant rocker couture collection.

The revival of J8 was influenced by “the need for more couture jewelry with an underlying edginess”, Joey explains. “The high fashion pieces created today have a lack of durability and quality.” All J8 jewelry designs are made with faceted glass, pearls, and sterling silver. Many couture designs today are fabricated with plastic and base metal, however J8 Jewelry’s Exclusively Bionic collection is one of a kind. Each creation is hand created and uniquely woven with steel base guitar strings and skulls. The versatile accessories can be worn casual or black tie. Joey has been labeled an artist rather an accessory designer.

Ms. Crabtree’s hiatus has given her the opportunity to saturate herself in the arts, design, and travel, with music being first and foremost at the core of her work. A Chapman Law University drop out with no formal design training, her raw talent has been fueled and encouraged by musicians and artists in the Los Angeles area. Originally formulated in 1990, J8’s first designs were worn and designed for heavy rock and metal artists, such as the late Randy Castillo from Ozzy Osborn and Lenny Kravitz. Getting much of her inspiration from the alternative band Korn, Joey believes in staying true to her vision. The collection includes fashion pieces for men and women that portray both the elegance of vintage couture, as seen in her Rock Royalty collection, and modern robotics in the Exclusively Bionic Collection.

“J8 Jewelry rocks”, exclaims Derek Pontier from the band Great White. Such reactions have helped influence Joey’s desire to give back to the community as well. Currently building the non-profit organization “Rockers for Education”, Joey greatly believes in giving back what was so freely given to her. Rockers for Education is a program geared toward financially helping educate a drug free spirit. Joey has seen a collapse in the fashion and music industry with little tolerance or help with drug and alcohol abuse. She plans to provide financial help as well as support.

Joey believes fashion and music go hand in hand with each sparking the other’s passion. “As long as you have a passion for what is true in your heart, nothing else matters”, says Ms. Crabtree in the desire to stay true to herself. “Anyone can wear my jewelry”, states the designer. All age groups and social sanctions love the way they feel in J8. Truly unique pieces for the adventurous soul, this brand holds true to its vision.

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